Terms of Use

Kite-Booking.com Terms of Use


1. The Company

This website is operated by the sole partnership under the name KOUTSOUPAS N. IOANNIS (ΚΟΥΤΣΟΥΠΑΣ Ν. ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ), with its registered offices in Chalandri Attiki, Aisxilou 27a str, P.C 15234, (VAT No 075222819, Chalandri Public Finance Department), as legally represented by Koutsoupas Ioannis (Κούτσουπα Ιωάννη).


2.  Acceptance of General Terms of Use

The use of the website and the services provided by Kite-Booking.com are governed by the following General Terms of Use (GTU). It is stated that the General Terms of Use of Kite-Booking.com apply to all reservation mandates, completed by the user through the web portal of Kite-Booking.com. By making a reservation or purchasing a service offered by Kite-Booking.com, the user accepts without reservation the General Terms of Use of Kite-Booking.com.


3.  Provisions- Scope of the General Terms of Use

Our partners, i.e the teaching schools of kitesurf, snowkite and landkite (powerkite) /service providers that are located around the world, advertise through our website their services which are made available for reservation to the users of our website. More specifically, Kite-Booking.com provides a web-portal which offers kite surf, snowkite and landkite (powerkite) sports services.

Kite-Booking.com acts as an intermediate for the reservation of services (services rendered by teaching schools of the above sports, camps, kitetrips, kitesafaris and any other relevant or relative to the specific sports services that the provider advertises through our website), offered by the referred- in the present website- distributors/providers of the actual tourist service. The reservation of services through this website is achievable only upon the availability of the actual service.

When the reservation is complete, the user enters an exclusively binding contractual relationship with the provider of the service. The liability of Kite-Booking.com extents solely to the intermediation between the user and the provider. Kite-Booking.com bears no liability for the execution of the contract between the user and the provider. The user is not contractually bound to Kite-Booking.com. The latter renders the intermediation service to the provider free of charge and thus the user has no right to arise any claim against Kite-Booking.com. Kite-Booking.com has as sole objective the intermediation between the users and the providers and its responsibility is solely limited to the performance of this service, which is the above intermediation. The actual provider bears the exclusive responsibility for the performance of contracts that have been signed through Kite-Booking.com. The user must be relatively informed of the General Terms of Use of the distributors/providers.


4.  Reservation

After the completion of the relevant fields in the special reservation form rendered by our website and the termination of the reservation process the user grants Kite-Booking.com an explicit mandate to intermediate for the provision of the service offered by the actual provider.

The user’s mandate for the intermediation of Kite-Booking.com in connection to the services offered through its web portal, means in particular the reservation made by the user through the web- portal of Kite-Booking.com.
-The reservation mandate binds the user in all cases.

– The reservations that are NOT held through the website of Kite-Booking.com may be of different pricing.
For any adjournment, delay and cancellation of services by the actual provider, Kite-Booking.com bears no liability.


5. Confirmation of the reservation

In the case of a reservation made through the website of Kite-Booking.com the user will receive by Kite-Booking.com– or directly by the user- a confirmation for the reservation via email.

The user is obliged to check IMMEDIATELY the accuracy of the confirmation data (name, school etc) and inform Kite-Booking.com of any errors during the registration. Any reported errors after the business day of the reservation’s registration will not be taken into account. In no case shall Kite-Booking.com warrant the error’s correction with no further cost even upon the on time notification by the user. Several providers do not correct any errors after the registration of the reservation. It is further noted that the delinquent error reporting or the non possibility of their correction does not give rise to repudiation right from the contract.


6.  Prices

The prices in our website are especially competitive. All prices included in Kite-Booking.com comprise the cost of each service, VAT included, as well as any additional tax imposed by the legislation in force of the provider’s country at the time of the reservation (with the reservation of their modification), unless otherwise provided in our website or in the e-mail for the confirmation of the reservation.

At times, lower prices are registered in our website for a specific service offered by a certain school. The latter though are defined by the schools and they may be accompanied by certain terms or limitation, regarding –as indicatively- the cancellation of service and the user’s refund.

Kite-Booking.com is notified of the prices for the services by the actual provider. Kite-Booking.com bears no responsibility for any alteration of prices by the provider. Kite-Booking.com. bears no responsibility for any reservation fees imposed by the provider in the case of service cancellation. These fees exclusively charge the user.

The currency converter is offered to the users exclusively for information reasons and the prices resulting from it are not binding and potentially differ from the actual prices.

Any evident errors (typographical errors included) are not binding.


7.  Free of charge provision of services by Kite-Booking.com

The service provided through our website is free of charge. More in particular there is no charge for our service and no reservation expenses are added to the price of the service. The user pays directly the provider for his services and Kite-Booking.com, if not agreed otherwise, collects the percentage of its payment (commission) from the provider.


8.  Payment methods

The payment takes place by means of a PayPal and we bear no responsibility in the case of fraud or credit card use by a not duly authorized third party. You explicitly declare that Kite-Booking.com does not maintain any of your credit card data and in the case the transaction occurs on the PayPal platform, the latter is exclusively responsible for any claim regarding the misuse of the specific data.


9.  Cancellations and alterations

The option to alter or cancel a service for which Kite-Booking.com has offered services as intermediate, depends upon the terms and conditions set by the actual provider. In the case the provider grants the right to cancel or alter the service, the user who wishes to proceed to any alteration or cancellation of his reservation is obliged to notify Kite-Booking.com in written via an e-mail sent to sales@kite-booking.com of his request. Kite-Booking.com is not capable of cancelling or altering any reservation without the prior written notification by the user, as aforementioned. The potential cost in the case of alteration or cancellation of a service, as set pursuant to the terms of each provider, exclusively charges the user. The overall cancellation policy is available in our website, in the page relevant to the service and included in the e-mail sent for the confirmation of reservation. You are requested to take into consideration that for a certain number of prices or special offers there is no option for cancellation or alteration. After the completion of the reservation by Kite-Booking.com no alteration or cancellation is possible.

After the completion of the reservation Kite-Booking.com will have fully completed the provision-service of its responsibility (i.e the intermediation between the users and the providers) by fully meeting its obligations. Thus we are not obliged to return our legal commission, which equals to the reservation expenses, the cancellation expenses and our lawful profit. Thus, in the case of cancellation or partial cancellation of a reservation for a service made by the user through Kite-Booking.com, Kite-Booking.com’s fee for its intermediation is non refundable (15% of the total sum). The service provider is exclusively responsible for the management of the remaining paid sum (85% of the total sum) and its reimbursement occurs in accordance with the terms and conditions explicitly registered in the “Cancellations/Refunds”. In all cases prior to the completion of the relevant fields in the special form available in our website, the user must be advised of the terms and conditions for the alteration or cancellation of services as set out by the actual provider.


10.  Rejection of reservation

Kite-Booking.com reserves the right to reject any user’s mandates for reservation, in the case that the latter violates the website’s Terms of Use.


11.  Disclaimer of liability

All information and details regarding the offered services and products are provided by the actual provider. Kite-Booking.com makes all reasonable efforts to control the information published in its website for any errors or inaccuracies. Kite-Booking.com. does not warrant that this information is relevant, complete, true and current.
Kite-Booking.com is not liable for the non- availability of the service at the reservation date or the non performance of the contract between the user and the provider. In all cases, Kite-Booking.com bears no liability for acts, errors, omissions, warranties, infringements or denials by any provider or for personal injury, death, property damages or other losses or remuneration and monetary claims and expenses that may arise from any cause related to the operation and the use of the website as well as for information, goods and services provided by the actual provider or/and for any unpermitted third party interference in the goods, services or information supplied through the present website. Kite-Booking.com bears no liability and shall not be liable for remuneration for reasons of delay, cancellation, overbooked reservations, strikes, force majeure or other reason escaping its direct control area. Moreover, we do not bear any indemnity liability for any expenses, omissions, delays, change of route or act by any and all state authorities.
Kite-Booking.com. makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the proper operation of the website but does not warrant its proper operation and relevance with regard to the programs (software), the goods and the offered services as well as its constant operation free from any viruses or similar malicious software. The same stands for all information included in the present website and furnished by third persons.

The present website contains links to third party websites. Kite-Booking.com is not responsible for their availability, the personal data policy, the content and the completion of their websites, as well as for any damage caused from their use, since the user accesses them on his/her own responsibility. The information granted herein is subject to continuous alterations. Kite-Booking.com. or its partner/s reserve the right to modify the website at any time. In the case that our partner (school) does not offer the services for which the contract with the user has been signed (for any reason of his/her responsibility or for reasons of force majeure p.e fire, or the discontinuance of the school function for any reason) the school undertakes the responsibility to refund the total sum of the cancelled service. In this case Kite-Booking.com bears no liability since its responsibility extents solely to the intermediation between the user and the provider.

The use of the website must have exclusively lawful purposes and occur in lawful ways so that not to limit or impede its use by third parties. The user is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, the principles of morality and the present terms and not conduct activities or omissions that may cause damage or impairment to its operation, to impact or compromise the provision of service by Kite-Booking.com.  By using the present webpage the user warrants that he/she is over 18 years old and abides by the legal conditions of the website’s use. The user is obliged to monitor and undertake the responsibility for any use of the website by underage persons in the name and on his behalf (the user’s). Moreover, the user warrants the promptness and the completion of all information and elements regarding the user or any family members, transmitted through the website. Any reservation made for any profitable, misleading, fraudulent purposes or targeted to the increase of demand, are prohibited. The reservation of services through this website is permitted for use only in the case of lawful reservations and purchases in the name of the user or relating to other persons, in the name and on behalf of which the user is authorized to act. The user accepts that the abuse of the services provided by the website Kite-Booking.com may lead to the exclusion of the user from any access to services provided by the website. Each user is obliged to provide correct contact information during his reservation.


12.  Intellectual property and trademarks

Copyright and all protected rights arisen from our website are owned by Kite-Booking.com .The contents of the website are exclusively owned by Kite-Booking.com unless the third party’s proprietary is explicitly mentioned. The name Kite-Booking.com as well as all trademarks, logos and graphic patterns displayed on the website are reserved by Kite-Booking.com or third parties. Any copying, distribution, transfer, processing, resale, creation of derivative work or public deception regarding the real provider of the content included in this website. Any reproduction, reissue, downloading, notice, spread, transmission or any other use of content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only after the prior consent of Kite-Booking.com or any other holder of the copyrights.


13. Applicable law

Al relations between the user of the website and Kite-Booking.com are exclusively governed and construed in accordance with the Greek Law, with the exception of the implementation of Private International Law. Competent for the resolution of any dispute between the parties shall be the courts of Athens.


14. Modification to the General Terms of Use

Kite-Booking.com reserves the right to modify and renew the above General Terms of Use with regard to the website’s usage at any time, of future validity, without the obligation of relevant notice. The General Terms of Use will be displayed on the website as in force. On further usage of the website after the modification of the General Terms of Use, the user accepts the relevant modification.
The validity of the above terms shall not be limited by any opposite Terms of Use set by the user. Any modifications and amendments to the terms are valid only in the case they are agreed with a legal representative by Kite-Booking.com. Any modifications and amendments to these terms as well as additional agreements must be done in time. In the relationship between the parties the dispatch via fax and e-mail equals to document.