Naxos, Greece, Europe

Lying in the heart of the Aegean and offering breathtaking landscape, Naxos is the biggest and most fertile island of the Cyclades.  It’s an impressive blend of bright white-washed labyrinths, incomparable vestiges of culture, outdoor adventures and pumping nightlife – all wrapped up in the sparkling blue waters of the Aegean. Like most Greek islands, Kite Naxos is influenced by the north/northeast Meltemi, which blows constantly from mid-June by way of to September. The kite beach of Mikri Vigla, situated on the western side of the island, is a visual treat made up of fine white sand and crystal clear water. Mikri Vigla boasts one of the strongest wind systems in the Cyclades, created by the Venturi effect as a result of being squeezed between Naxos and its neighbor, Paros. The winds hitting side-side on shore from the right making it ideal for both trainers and beginners kiters. You’ll find loads of parking, and a kite center offering Naxos kitesurfing lessons and the latest in equipment rentals right on the beach.

Naxos, Greece, Europe Naxos Kitelife Naxoskitelife at Mikri Vigla beach is a safe spot, with dominant side on north wind. It is favored by Ventouri effect created by the surrounding area and meltemi winds. Because of these, the area is more windy than the rest ... Lessons Read more
Naxos, Greece, Europe Flisvos Kite Centre Flisvos Kite Centre in Mikri Vigla, on the Greek island of Naxos, provides kitesurfing classes according to IKO standards. You can find the best and ultimate kite-boarding equipment on the market. ... Lessons Read more