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Tarifa, Spain, Europe

Things you need to know

Tarifa Watersport mecca

Called european wind Mecca and located in the southest point of Spain, Tarifa, is one of the most beautiful towns of Andalucia. Flow thorough the east from the Mediterrean Sea, flow thorough the west from the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Tarifa is separate from the Moroccan coast just from 15 kms of water.

During all over the year the winds blows constantly between Mediterrean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The Levante wind coming from east and the Poniente wind coming from west channel their power between Africa and Europe giving born to an incomparable show.

The Air Mass passing through the two continents start a Venturi Effect that let winds blow up to 50 or more knots. That’s why Tarifa is one of the most impressive Kitesurfing and Surfing spots of Europe.

Tarifa Natural Surf Club is located just 500m (5 min walk) from Playa de los Lances Norte and 3 km from Tarifa's Town.

But kitesurfing is not all you can do in Tarifa!

For the lovers of Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, Playa chica and El Balneario, with their crystalline and clear water are perfetcs for this types of spot. Many Scuba Diving schools can teach you if you never afford it!

A lot of people like as well Mountain Biking and Hiking on the green mountains located on the north of the city. This is also called the windmills area. An innumerable set of paths pass across creeks, windmills, forest and the desolated lands of the Alcornocales Natural Park.

In the Natural Park is also possible to Climb. The Betis mountain, just 14 kms far from Tarifa, is perfect if you want to show your climbing skills or just have fun. As well, in Tarifa’s territory.

Tarifa is a small town in the province of Cadiz, Andalucia, on the southernmost coast of Spain. The town is located in the “Costa de la Luz” and across the Straits of Gibraltar facing the moroccan coast. Well known as the Europe Capital of Wind!

The city of Tarifa flow through the waters of Mediterrean Sea and Atlantic Ocean; Morocco is visibile with naked eye because just 14 km of sea divide the two continents.

Once you get to Tarifa you’re involved by the magic view of an hybrid environment. The 8km beach of “Los Lances” looks like’s never ending; the green hills and the mountains on the north of the city are the gates of the natural park of “Los Arcornocales”. At the end of the “Los Lances” beach, the winds blowing for years and years, formed an incredible sand dune as well known as the “Duna de Valdevaqueros”. Valdevaqueros is the farest beach of Tarifa’s landscape.

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We are a Surf Club located in Tarifa Spain. We offer accomodation, yoga, surf and kitesurf lessons and many other activities. Accomodation in private villa with shared room, bar, swimmingpool, terrace, organic garden and more. We are 3km from Tarifa's town and 5 min walk from the wonderful beach of Los Lances Norte.