Siargao, Philippines, Asia

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Cancellation due to the provider (weather, misbehavior of student, overbooking)

Kiteboard lessons will be changed into surf lessons if the weather/wind is not present. No refund is given.

Cancellation due to the user (non-show, sickness, any reason)

Non-show/delayed customers who have prebooked and prepayed lesson time will forfit their lesson

Other Notes

** - All semi private lessons are based on up to 4 persons. You can either provide the other students yourself or we can try to provide the other students. All students must be close to a similar level for shared lesson.

Non-show/delayed customers who have prebooked and prepayed lesson time will forfit their lesson.
Breaks are not included in lessons. If a customer requests for a break, it will be counted as lesson time.

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After opening our first Seabreezekiteclub in Indonesia. We continue our dream and follow the Undiscovered kitesurfing beaches in an awesome pristine setting.

We work always with great accommodation and we do that in the Philippines not different!
Siargao, Philippines from the end of November to the end of March is Kiteboarding in a flat water lagoon, ideal for our beginners among us.
For the intermediate kiteboarders who like to challenge themselves on the major breaks, they will have the time of their lives.

Siargao is an undiscovered playground for kitesurfers. Combine this awesome kiting when the Amihan wind-season starts together with a stay one of our accommodations available for every wallet.

We can accommodate you with IKO lessons and have kiteboarding gear for you to rent.

Check for our great promotions and see you soon at this Dream kite destination at Siargao, Philippines.