Paros, Greece, Europe

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The school’s policy requires that all students wear appropriate safety gear, which is included in the lesson prices. All the kite control bars used by instructors/students and for rentals are fitted with a safety leash. All safety systems have been tested to ensure that they are in 100% working order.

All students learn how to use the safety systems from the first lesson. Lessons are only conducted while the wind conditions are below 30 knots.

Paroskite has a 100% safety record, we have NEVER had an accident in our center!!!

Kite Lessons

- All semi private courses are 2 persons with shared kite/board and one instructor.
- Every Level has one hour of theoretical content (IKO STANDARDS) which is given on the beach or in the classroom, depending on the wind condition
- Non-show/delayed customers who have prebooked and prepayed lesson time will for fit their lesson.
- Breaks are not included in lessons. If a customer requests for a break, it will be counted as lesson time.
- In all prices rescue service and the gear needed are included.
- High Season 01 July – 10 September

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Welcome to Paroskite, the Paros Kiteboarding Center home to the PKRA world tour, GKRA (Greek Kite Riders Association) and the national Kite Olympic category training spot for all year round, with a long shallow-watered shoreline and sandy bottom, perfect side shore wind conditions, ideal for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced kiteboarder or windsurfer.

Since 1993, our experienced, IKO-certified instructors and windsurf instructors have advanced the novice to the experienced rider, level by level and safely at the students own speed.

Our resort is also the the official PKRA and KPWT beach in Greece. Many famous pro-riders often visit and ride from our beach because of the unique conditions and hospitality.

In rare case of no wind there are many alternative activities to do here, such as PADI scuba diving, stand up paddling, down winders, canoe, kayak, snorkeling dives, wakeboarding, boat trips and much more.

Our Kite boarding Center was the first IKO approved school in Greece with the finest and most experienced IKO qualified instructors. The kite school strictly follows the IKO teaching standards and conducts kite boarder levels 1, 2 and 3. Our qualified instructors certify the level of our students with the IKO kite boarder card.

Official Best Kiteboarding, Nobile Kiteboarding and O’Neill distributor for Greece.
ParosKite, is the official distributor and official test center of Best Kiteboarding and Nobile Kiteboarding brands in Greece. We have the full range of the very latest equipment including kites, control bars, boards and accessories from Best and Nobile.

Another first in kiteboarding: Try before you buy…
We have several kites and boards which you can demo, i.e. try before you buy. We also stock accessories from Dakine, therefore we can put together the perfect, complete, kiteboarding package tailored entirely for your style and ability.